The Washington Times - August 22, 2009, 10:05PM

Sports talk radio has its topic for the week: Quarterbacks!

The stats will look like Chase Daniel was the man against Pittsburgh, throwing the team’s only touchdown pass (at least through the third quarter). Jason Campbell got nothing done (though he was under center for the first scoring drive) and Collins, though effective, tossed the ball to the other team to end the first half.


And at this point, we haven’t even seen Colt Brennan.

So does Chase get his own cult following after this game? Stay tuned. He seems to move around well back there, and he certainly found the right receivers in the right place. And that long scramble to end the third quarter had the fans on their feet. The touchdown pass to Mitchell had nice touch, but it probably did more to help the rookie wideout than the rookie QB.

The defense didn’t look terrible but did nothing spectacular; it bent enough to allow a Steelers field goal, giving Pittsburgh a 13-10 lead.