The Washington Times - August 3, 2009, 05:07PM

Neither All-Pro defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth nor starting cornerback Carlos Rogers seemed very worried about missing Monday’s practice with injuries to their left legs.

Asked if he was disappointed about not being in drills during the abbrievated 63-minute afternoon practice, the only one of the day, Haynesworth said, “No, because there wasn’t much to do today.”


Haynesworth said he hoped to be back on the field on Tuesday since “I need all the work I can get.”

The most prominent free agent of this offseason, Haynesworth had a injection in his knee on Sunday as he did at the start of the past two training camps with Tennessee.

“You do at the beginning of the season and it’s fine,” Haynesworth said. “It wasn’t a problem [after that] last year. Heck, last year, I [had] injections in the back. I’m not doing that stuff right now, so I’m all right. It ain’t that bad. It’s just a little fluid in there. It’s not serious. If I really had to, I could play today.”

Haynesworth said his current knee ailment isn’t related to the one that kept him out of the Titans’ final two regular season games of 2008.

Rogers agreed that he would play if the Redskins had a game now, adding that the coaches are being cautious with his calf after former cornerback Shawn Springs missed time last summer as well as last season’s opener with a calf injury.

“I’m all right, a little sore, a little pull in it,” said Rogers, who felt the calf tighten on Saturday and stopped warming up on Sunday when he felt it tighten even more. “Just gotta take a few days and make sure it’s healed. I don’t want be out weeks like Shawn was last year. It was hurting when it walked and now it’s not hurting when I walk. Not tomorrow, probably the day after I’ll get out and start running around.”

- David Elfin