The Washington Times - August 4, 2009, 03:15PM

Coming to a newstand later this week (or your mailbox): The latest Sports Illustrated, featuring Washington Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell on the cover.



The theme, as you can read, is “Pressure Points and Pivotal Players.” The Redskins, led of course by Campbell at quarterback, are one of five teams “feeling the pressure,” according the the mag, along with the Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks and Philadelphia Eagles. (nice company, yikes)

I’ve got Ryan and David hopefully asking Jason about the cover, the jinx (yes the jinx) and more … until then, Sports Illustrated passed along this nugget from Peter King’s story:

Redskins QB Jason Campbell is perhaps the player facing the greatest scrutiny: “Despite appearances, though, Campbell might be under the harshest spotlight of any NFL player as training camps open across the country.  In the off-season the Skins pursued Jay Cutler and showed interest in Mark Sanchez, and as the fifth-year quarterback walked onto the practice field the name of yet another available quarterback popped up.  At least two fans were wearing Falcons number 7 jerseys, and behind a fence near the practice field a DC WANTS VICK sign waved in the crowd.”

Campbell admits that the treatment has been wearing on him:  “It’s, well, tough sometimes.  I am fine now, but there were a couple of times in the off-season I felt like a piece of tissue they were flushing down the toilet.”

So until we hear from Campbell later this afternoon, this gave me an excuse to dig in to the SI archive to see what other Redskins gems I could find.

It’s the first time since Dec. 3, 2001 that the Redskins have had the SI cover to themselves. When Marty Schottenheimer’s club won five in a row after starting 0-5, SI had Chris Samuels and Stephen Davis leading the way out front. Before then?

- “Let ‘er Rip,” with Mark Rypien and the Super Bowl XXVI champs graced the Feb. 3, 1992 cover.

- “Skins Game,” from that same season, with Gary Clark and the 6-0 Redskins beating the Bears

- “WOW!” another Super Bowl cover, featuring the other No. 17 QB of note, Super Bowl XXII MVP Doug Williams

And before that, we’re into the Redskins’ glory days, as they were, with a few Theismanns, a Dexter, a couple Riggos, even Calvin Hill and Vince Lombardi.

All told: This is the 22nd time the Redskins have been the focus of the SI cover, counting losses to the Raiders in the Super Bowl, to the Dolphins in 1984 and to the Giants in 1986.

I’m not counting:

- Steve Young running over Charles Mann on the Jan. 18, 1993 cover.

- The Clinton Portis corner tag on the college hoops preview mag from last season

- The Johnny U obit cover from 2002 (he was playing against the Redskins in the old photo)

- John Taylor