The Washington Times - August 5, 2009, 07:50AM

The Vaka Manupuna Era has ended for a fourth time with the Redskins (he was released in September 2006, May 2007, August 2007 and yesterday) but the team still hasn’t announced a signing to take his roster spot.

As the first of two practices approaches (8:30 a.m.), it would be surprising if the newcomer wasn’t some kind of linemen.


The injury recap so far:

DL: Albert Haynesworth, Phillip Daniels, Cornelius Griffin, Anthony Montgomery and J.D. Skolnitsky have all missed time because of injuries or scheduled rest.

OL: Stephon Heyer, Randy Thomas, Casey Rabach and Mike Williams have all sat out something with various injuries. We’re expected to hear the results of Heyer’s MRI after the AM practice.

The Redskins are in need of a “camp body” — somebody who is healthy and allow Jim Zorn to follow his practice script. If more linemen continue to get hurt, it could impact how much hitting goes on during practice.

One last thing, a local TV station was going crazy over WR Malcolm Kelly being injured again. He wasn’t injured again. Kelly is part of the group Zorn identified before camp that will be made to sit out portions of or all of a practice.

— Ryan O’Halloran