The Washington Times - January 3, 2009, 12:06PM

Greetings from the chilly suburbs of Minneapolis, site of tomorrow’s Eagles-Vikings wild card game. I’ll be at the Metrodome for the Vikings‘ first home playoff game in eight years and yet, it’s still not a sellout. About 3,000 tickets remained as of Friday and the league granted the Vikings another extension in hopes to prevent a black out.

Here are odds provided by Bodog about who will play be playing where in 2009, who will be coaching where in 2009 and some playoff odds:


*Where will Brett Favre be for Week 1 2009: Jets starter (2/1), retired (1/3), quarterback for another team (9/2).

*Where will Mike Shanahan be in 2009? Jets (3/2), Browns (4/1), another team (5/1), Cowboys (8/1), Chiefs (10/1), not coaching (5/2).

*Which team will employ current Patriots front office executive Scott Pioli? Browns (1/3), Browns (4/1), Patriots (3/1), the other 29 teams (5/2).

*Odds to win the Super Bowl: Giants (3/1) and Steelers (5/1) are favorites.

*How many wild card teams (road teams) win this weekend: 0 (20/1), 1 (11/4), 3 (7/5) and 4 (7/1).