The Washington Times - July 20, 2009, 05:06PM

Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell just finished his appearance on the debut of “The LaVar Arrington Show with Chad Dukes” on the also new “106.7 The Fan” — the station that hopes to challenge Dan Snyder’s ESPN-980.

Campbell was the show’s primary topic for nearly two hours


LaVar called Campbell “an outstanding player in waiting” but earlier predicted that Campbell wouldn’t be with the Redskins past this year.

Some of No. 17’s comments:

* (on feeling the pressure to perform): “The one thing people don’t understand - we live in such an inpatient business. All of the pieces of the puzzle have to fall into place - from top to bottom on the whole team.

* (on last year’s second half collapse): “The way we started out last year, there’s no way we should have finished the way we did. … I don’t know if we were physically beaten down by the long preseason and the extra game and extra practices. We’re a more mature team this year than we were last season and I’m a more mature quarterback this year because I had an opportunity with Coach Zorn to go through the new system.”

* (on if the pieces in place to be explosive offensively): “Last year during OTAs, we had maybe 58 pass plays and this year, we finished OTAs with more than 130. It was much a more wide open book and wide open format. … The coaches [Zorn] hired, it wasn’t like they were together on the same team before they got here. They had to learn together. They’re more sure of the plays we were able to add. We were learning as we went from game to game last year.”

* (on Redskins attempt to replace him): “Deep down inside, because you’re such a competitor and you love to compete and want to win, it gets at you a little bit because the whole time I was, ‘What’s going on?’ I didn’t know how much of it to believe and to take from it. Through it all, no matter what happens, I was going to prepare myself to keep moving forward in my career. … Those 52 guys are all counting on me and I have to stand stall and stand strong.”

* (on how Joe Gibbs didn’t take a strong stance in supporting Campbell earlier on the radio): “My take on that - he’s talking about quarterbacks and basically saying at the quarterback position, you’re going to go through a ton of things. Your character is going to be tested .. Will you have mental toughness to make the first down or will you flee and run away? I think he’s trying to say I’m a character guy and can stand in there and take a lot. This is not my first time down this road. … When you’re a professional quarterback, you’re in a position that comes with a whole lot of scrutiny. The process I went through at Auburn has helped me prepare for this process.”

LaVar finished by asking if Campbell could do a weekly appearance. Campbell was a Tuesday regular last year on ESPN-980 so let the bidding begin.

As for Arrington, he has been solid in his first debut. Clearly, there were some rehearsals because LaVar was good at keeping his points concise and not talking over Chad or the callers.

- Ryan O’Halloran