The Washington Times - July 30, 2009, 12:39PM

As far as Jim Zorn and Clinton Portis are concerned, their once-rocky relationship has progressed to the point where they’re on the same page.

Zorn and Portis clashed in public and private last year about everything from blocking assignments to curfew to workload.


Following this morning’s first training camp practice, both addressed the situation. Some of the highlights.

*Portis: “I think we get along just fine. As grown men, you’re always going to have differences. But he’s the head coach and the only thing I can do is listen, take what he tells me and try to use it as a positive. We had a couple of run-ins that got out of hand last year. But I think we’re on the same page.”

*Zorn: “Our relationship has grown. He didn’t know me when I first came in and I didn’t know him. Based on what he did in the OTAs and mini camp, he worked really hard. I was very impressed by whawt he did. Today he came out and worked.”

*Portis: “I never responded until he came out. I tried to stay out of his way but never responded until I was called out. We talked as men and what we talked about was between us. It was a respect thing we had to clear up amongst each other and we did that.”

*Zorn: “I think we have a very good relationship but it’s because we communicate. Even all the stuff – that’s all about trying to communicate and being up front with each other and knowing how each other feels. I’m trying to anticipate those issues before they rise up. It’s good. It’s really good.”

*Portis: “I can’t say I regret it. Everything is a learning experience. Would I say it on the radio again? I doubt it. It’s best to go in his office, knock on his door and go speak my mind in there. We could have avoided the media attention. I don’t regret saying it – it was the truth. That’s how I felt at that moment and I got it off my chest.”

*Zorn: “I wouldn’t have known there was ever going to be a problem. You have to communicate well. Not everybody is the same. The idea is to get on the same page eventually and I think that’s what we did.”

Ryan O’Halloran