The Washington Times - June 1, 2009, 05:40PM

Some leftovers from Monday’s OTA practice at Redskin Park. Most are about the offensive line that didn’t make it into tomorrow’s story.

* Center Casey Rabach said he has talked to former right guard Jon Jansen every day since Jansen’s Friday release. “It was obviously a little surprising but that’s the business,” Rabach said. “I’m glad to see he caught on I Detroit and I think he’s happy to be there.”


* Stephon Heyer has worked on his lower body strength in order to become a better run blocker. “And it’s a mindset kind of thing, too,” he said. “Knowing you have the guy in front of you and you have to push him off the ball. … I feel like I’ve gotten stronger and gotten used to how the league works.”

* Right guard Randy Thomas did not practice and Jim Zorn said the veteran recently had his knee scoped. This after neck surgery after the season. “Randy Thomas is on schedule,” Zorn said. “He had something floating around in his knee. We don’t need to see what he’s capable of. We’re getting him ready for training camp. He’ll be full go for training camp for sure.”

* Left tackle Chris Samuels returned to the field for the first time since triceps and knee operations. “He’s come back in shape and he’s come back with a great attitude,” Zorn said.

* Right tackle Mike Williams is down to 380 pounds. “Mike is putting a lot of time in the weight room and a lot of time on the field,” Zorn said. “There’s some rust to break off. … I fully expect him to progress as we go along.”

* Zorn spoke to the offensive linemen before practice to explain the reasoning behind Jansen’s release. “I didn’t want them to have any speculation as to what may have happened and why and all that,” Zorn said.

* Jeremy Bridges is an intriguing player on the line because of his versatility. He has 39 career starts and has started games at right tackle, right guard and left guard. “Here’s what I see in Jeremy: He has tremendous feet and a sense of toughness,” Zorn said. “Those are two [things] you have to have. We’ll see where that comfort zone is. It may not be right tackle. It may be inside.”

* Zorn on if he would have confidence playing Chad Rinehart at right guard if Thomas went down. “I don’t know if I would feel great because he has to show me something,” Zorn said. “I know he’s come a distance. I can’t tell you the distance until we see them in pads, hitting each other and that’s not even the judgment. It’s not a one time deal. It’s over and over and over.”

* The Redskins have 85 players on their roster but must be down to 80 before the start of training camp.

* According to Times photographer Peter Lockley, punter Hunter Smith did not attempt one punt during the entire practice.

* Quarterback Colt Brennan spent several minutes after practice throwing 50-yard passes to a member of the equipment department.

* Cornerback Kevin Barnes missed the workout because of illness.

* Samuels on Jansen’s release: “I had the opportunity to play with Jon a long time. It’s always tough to see a teammate of yours released, especially someone like Jon who I played with for my entire career. I’m just happy that he was able to continue his playing career and sign with Detroit.”

- Ryan O’Halloran