The Washington Times - May 20, 2009, 05:49PM

Vegas Watch has weighed in on over-under wins for each NFL team and they project no change for the Redskins: a .500 record and a last-place finish in the NFC East. And they think the Redskins are more likely to win fewer than eight rather than more than eight games.

Leading the way in the division are the Giants (10), followed by Philadelphia (9.5), Dallas (9) and the Redskins (8).


The projection has the NFC East’s combined over-under as a league-high 9.13 wins. The worst are the AFC West and NFC West (7.13).

The surprises: Arizona (8.5 – obviously not a lot of respect for the defending NFC champs), Baltimore (8.5 – obviously not a lot of respect for the AFC runner-ups), Detroit (5 – remember, the Lions went 0-16 last year) and Tennessee (9 – a steep decline from last year).

New England is first (11.5 wins), followed by Pittsburgh (10.5), Indianapolis (10) and the Giants (10).

The AFC’s top four teams average 10.4 and the NFC’s top four 9.4.

- Ryan O’Halloran