The Washington Times - November 18, 2009, 05:41PM

According to, former coach and broadcaster John Madden, who is now an advisor to the league office, has talked with several coaches who think concussions can be prevented if practice is held without helmets.

Essentially, that would turn a practice into a walk-through that the Redskins do without helmets on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. The Redskins haven’t worn pads in practice for weeks.


Jim Zorn is pro helmet even if there are no-contact workouts.

“It’s a must to practice with helmets,” he said. “If you’re going to run at all and you’re throwing a ball that’s coming in 45 miles an hour, there could be a chance of getting hit in the back of the head or a guy putting his hand up and you get poked in the eye. That’s why we wear helmets.

“I would hope somebody would think that through. It’s a safety issue to have a helmet on. We’re not even in full pads and these guys protect each other but the helmet is a safety issue to wear, not take off.”

Zorn makes some good points. With no pads and no hitting, helmets are required if there is any full-speed running and cutting and throwing and catching going on.

— Ryan O’Halloran