The Washington Times - November 3, 2009, 04:14PM

Classic move by The Danny today in PG County. We get emails all the time about these Tuesday charity events. I’ve been to only one — Jason Taylor’s last fall because that was his only interview opportunity for a few days.

So the Redskins have this event and next thing you know, Snyder quotes are popping up. Here’s what he had to say, courtesy of Matt and Gary with the Redskins. …


Before a ceremony to announce a program to improve and maintain athletic fields, Snyder said he is “disappointed” with the 2-5 start but did not address the futures of front office chief Vinny Cerrato or coach Jim Zorn and the team’s recent decision to ban fans from bringing signs to FedEx Field.

“I think number one, I feel bad for the fans,” Snyder said in comments that appeared on the team’s website. “I feel sorry for the fans. And we’re very, very appreciative of our great, loyal fan base. And I’m understanding. I mean, we just feel terrible. We’re disappointed and we’re embarrassed. And we hope to get it going soon.”

Snyder is optimistic the Redskins can turn their season around starting Sunday at Atlanta.

“We are really trying very, very hard,” he said. “Everyone at Redskins Park – the coaches, the players, the organization’s really, quite frankly, held up well. And I think we have an opportunity the rest of the season to hopefully get it going. But to date we’ve let everyone down including ourselves. We know that. We’re just apologetic. We’ve blown some games that obviously we should have won.

“The next step is Sunday. It’s really that simple. We hope we can put together a good performance down in Atlanta and start a winning streak.”