The Washington Times - October 22, 2009, 04:21PM

Another practice in the books at Redskin Park. The last topic Jim Zorn covered in his briefing was Steve Largent, who lambasted Redskins’ management on a Seattle radio station Wednesday.

Zorn said he spoke with Largent on the phone. I wouldn’t expect any public comments from Largent for awhile.


Said Zorn: “Well, you know, I just called Steve and said’ — Zorn makes the excuse me sound — “I don’t know if you can make a word out of that.”

Asked if management reacted to the comments, Zorn said: “What can I do? It created another thing to talk about. I really want to get to football and not all the stuff that’s going on.”

Largent’s rip-job made for GREAT copy and it was great of Largent to show his friend he has his back. But it can’t help Zorn’s cause inside Redskin Park.

*Hunter Smith said he will know Friday if he can punt against the Eagles. He has missed the last two games with a groin injury.

“I’m going to go out [Friday] and see how it feels,” he said. “And if it feels good, rest a couple of days and we’ll be good to go Monday night. … It’s one of those things that you can’t know if you’re all the way back unless you go out and kick.”

*Zorn had nothing new to report on how Chris Samuels’ neck exam went in California.

*Zorn on his coaching staff: “They’ve done a great job. Our coaching staff has been very up front with them. We’re playing very well on defense and that’s an easy task to stay together. Everybody is waiting our offense to perfom better, no question about that.”

*Even though Portis, Haynesworth, Griffin, Horton and Moore didn’t practice, they are all expected to play Monday night.

— Ryan O’Halloran and Bob Cohn