The Washington Times - October 23, 2009, 12:55PM

Well, we can cross Herm Edwards off the list of potential Redskins coaches.

Appearing on ESPN this morning to talk about the Redskins’ decision to say Jim Zorn will coach the rest of the year, Edwards was passionate in how Zorn has been treated this week.


(On the Redskins): “We always used to sit around here saying that the Oakland Raiders were a dysfunctional organization. Guess what? The Washington Redskins all of a sudden become that organization. This is ridiculous. When you look at the situation and what they’ve put this man through and all of a sudden, by the way, you’re OK for the rest of the season. Who are you kidding right now?

“We know this man’s fate. Leave him alone. Let him coach your football team. You have a big Monday night football game against a football team you beat twice last year – let this guy and those players concentrate on the football game.”

(On what this means for Zorn): “Obviously, they’re going to fire the guy. They’re giving him a grace period. The big thing is, will they fire him after the bye? This makes no sense to anybody.

“The players have to sit in the locker room and the questions they’re going to get after practice — it continues to be about the coach and it should be about the game and the preparation to beat the Eagles.”

(On Zorn’s approach): “He has to be consistent in who he is. He’s handled it great. There have been a lot of things he’s had to deal with off the field. This man has been through enough. This is pro football. Awful.”

— Ryan O’Halloran