The Washington Times - September 17, 2009, 03:17PM

Defensive coordinator Greg Blache isn’t concerned that top draft pick Brian Orakpo had only two tackles in his NFL debut.

“The thing that happened to Brian would happen to any rookie in his first ballgame,” Blache said. “The speed of it is 10 times more than you ever imagined. You play in the preseason and you say, ‘I can play in this league,’ but on Sunday in the opener, the intensity level and the speed is at a whole different dimension he’s never dreamed of before in his life. He’s nervous. He’s antsy.


“It’s good that’s out of the way. He’ll play better this week. But he wasn’t bad last week. He played better before, but in the first ballgame, you know that’s going to happen. Brian’s going to have a great rookie season. He’ll be better this week because he’s been baptized through fire.

— David Elfin