The Washington Times - September 22, 2009, 12:47PM

Jim Zorn just completed his radio segment on 980 and the only real news is that he confirmed Pete Kendall isn’t under consideration at this point to come back as the right guard.

We start with the Will Jim Get Fired portion of the interview …


*(On job security impacted by Detroit game): “I won’t even answer that question. I’m trying to get ready for Detroit. I’m not worried about my job.”

And now starting with the beginning of the segment. …

*(On if the win felt like a win): “Absolutely. When I looked at that scoreboard at the end of the game, we were ahead. I know when I walked off that field, there were other symptons going on as far as our lack of production in the red zone and things like that and those are things we have to attend to. It’s hard to be depressed after a game you win. Our players worked so hard all week long to do everything. There were a lot of things that contributed to the win. I don’t care if it was 6-0, it was a win .Do we have things to work on? Absolutely.”

*(On offense outside the red zone): “I was very excited how we executed the plan, we just ran into some problems in the red zone, either with the call – me calling the halfback pass on third down instead of first down, I would probably change that. As far as how we got down there, we passed and ran. They tightened their defense up and stopped our run. It wasn’t as productive as it was in the middle of the field.

*(On predictable red zone play calling): “I don’t believe I have [become predictable]. You can imagine every week there’s a different defense that is to be faced and there is a different plan. I don’t have the same list of plays on our game plan as I did the week before, especially the week before when things get tight, the field gets shortened, the decisions come quicker. If people would have been what we were trying to do and how we were stopped, it was explained to me by just watching the video.”

*(On Devin Thomas on kickoff returns): “I think we’re going to stay with that plan. Rock is our kickoff returner and our starter but I would like to get Devin in the game for a change of pace much like we did with Santana Moss on punt returns. It does create a different feel for these guys. It’s got to bother Rock because he wants to be in there every minute. Devin’s doing a pretty good job with that.

*(On second fourth-down call late in game): “I had three timeouts so I wanted to use one there and take a breath and think about the situation. We felt like we could get the first down and picked out what I felt was the best play, running right behind Chris Samuels. What happened on the line of scrimmage, our offensive line decided to block it out a little more instead of more downhill and it strung the play out. It was a very frustrating play to watch because had we blocked it differently – and it’s their choice – it might have been a different outcome. If I was to look back on that call, I would call the same play.”

– Ryan O’Halloran