The Washington Times - September 8, 2009, 12:43PM

 Redskins coach Jim Zorn just did a 17-minute stint that serves as his weekly radio show. The highlights: 

*On choosing Andre Woodson over Chase Daniel: “I did tell Chase Daniel I was going to sign him as our practice squad guy but I also told him this: My next sentence was that I wanted to reserve the right to look at the list and see who else is out there. I didn’t know Andre Woodson was going to be exposed. We had a chance to get him and try to work with him so we chose it.”


*On keeping 10 offensive linemen: “We did stay a little bit heavy in our o line choices. We liked Edwin Williams. He’s probably the furthest away but he has potential. We like D’Anthony Batiste and he can spell Chris at left tackle if needed. Mike Williams didn’t quite have the training camp we needed him to have but he’s coming on.”

*On offensive line depth: “If we had to wholesale change the line, we might suffer. But if we can spot a guy if a guy gets nicked up, the other veterans will help make that a minimal weakness. We could spot 1-2 guys maybe.”

*On special teams: “I’m much more confident in our special teams with our punter and I think we chose the right kicker so I think we’ll be improved in that area. I’m not staying awake at night worrying what’s going to happen there.”

*On relationship with QB Jason Campbell:”It has to do with trust. As a play caller puts his quarterback out there, you want to be able to call a play trusting he’s seeing the way you see it and he’s running it the way you imagined it to be run. … It’s an excellent, professional relationship, no question and that’s what it takes.”

*On returning to Giants Stadium: “It’s always difficult to play any team in their home stadium but I feel more confident going into this particular game just because we all have a year together as a group. I know our coaches better, I know our players better, I know where we’re strong and where we’re not so strong. Going there, there’s more knowledge. I have more of a comfort level with the quarterback.”

— Ryan O’Halloran