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James S. Robbins is senior editorial writer for foreign affairs at The Washington Times.

Latest Blog Entries

TRR: The November 17 Soros Uprising

Leftist radicals are promising a November 17 to remember. The Occupy movement and other extremist groups are planning dozens of disruptive demonstrations across the country. And you can thank George Soros for it.

TRR: The Immortal Chaplains

A new monument at Arlington National Cemetery honors 14 Jewish military chaplains, among them Alexander B. Goode, one of the four "Immortal Chaplains" who sacrificed his life in 1943 to give others a fighting chance to live.

TRR: Obama's Iraq Failure

White House bragging about the announced troop withdrawal from Iraq overlooks the fact that President Obama had wanted the U.S. to stay even longer. Baghdad told him to get out.