The Washington Times - June 12, 2009, 02:41PM

So it’s Pittsburgh-Detroit for all the NHL marbles tonight. Gotta love a Game 7. This matchup got me thinking about what are the most exciting championship games or events in all of sports. In other words, when it’s all on the line, what sport gives you the most suspense, drama and pure adrenaline rush?  I’ve ranked my top 12 here. Feel free to debate amongst yourselves.

1. Game 7 of the World Series. 


2. Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final

3. Game 7 of the NBA Finals

4. Final round of a major golf tournament. - Almost always more exciting when Tiger is involved. But there has been some good drama over the years even when he’s not in contention.

5. Super Bowl  - The SB gets downgraded because Divisional and Conference Championship games are more exciting.

6. Olympic 100 Meter final, track

7. Any Olympic swimming relay final. - The end of the 4 x 100 freestyle relay in Beijing was quite possibly the most exciting thing I’ve ever watched.

8. World Cup Final. -Absolutely huge around the globe. Imagine the excitment if the U.S. ever made it.

9. NCAA men’s basketball title game. -The problem with this one is that day one of the NCAA Tournament almost always provides more excitement.

10. BCS Title game - Will not move higher until it becomes part of some sort of playoff.

11. Olympic Men’s Ice Hockey Gold Medal Game

12. Grand Slam tennis final - Federer/Nadal from last year’s Wimbledon was epic. Unfortunately, most final matches are nowhere near as compelling.