The Washington Times - June 22, 2009, 01:53PM

Messageboards and blogs have been on fire today with the news that the Redskins will be changing their tailgating policies this season. The Redskins have just issued a release outlining the specific changes.

In short, the changes are as follows:


- If you want to tailgate using more than one parking spot, you have to park in the back of the parking lots. 

- If you want to just park, or tailgate using a single parking spot, you can park anywhere but will be asked to park as close to the front of the lots as possible.

- Tailgating is still permitted everywhere, except in the Platinum lots.

- There is a new lot, the “Gray Lot” off Landover Road.

- The team says it has added 3,000 new spaces.

- The Redskins will no longer be in the cash parking business, citing the fact that there are plenty of other private operators in the area.

Redskins COO Mitch Gershman said the following: “We expect to have more tailgaters than ever. Those who want to meet with their friends will have more space, and those who want to simply park will find it easier to do so.”

On the surface, it appears there are some pros and cons to this arrangement. Clearly, tailgaters who are used to parking in a specific area with friends and fellow fans they’ve known for years may find it harder to congregate in the same way. And it does set up an possible tense situation whereby fans can show up 30 minutes before the game and park closer to the stadium that those who show up several hours earlier but want to tailgate.

On the flipside, this would appear to make it easier to those fans who just want to park and see the game. One of the most common complaints fans have is that tailgaters often take up several spots with their grills, furniture, bean bag games and tents. By segmenting things this way, it could allow for tailgating while also improving traffic flow and the experience for people who just want to park their cars.

The two big questions now are whether the tailgating experience will change as a result of the restrictions and whether the Redskins have the ability to enforce the new policy.

- Tim Lemke