The Washington Times - March 31, 2009, 10:53AM

Online casino has published odds for this upcoming baseball season, and if the Nationals shock the world, some people could get very rich.

The Nats are getting 125/1 odds for winning the World Series. Not great odds, but they are better than the Orioles, who are at 150/1. Bodog says the over/under for wins for each team is 71 1/2. (I guess the O’s get worst World Series odds because they play in a division with the Rays, Red Sox and Yankees.)


The Nats are 50/1 odds for winning the National League and 18/1 odds for winning the NL East. Which seems kinda odd, since once you get to the playoffs and the World Series it’s kind of a crapshoot who wins. The odds for a playoff berth, the pennant and World Series really shouldn’t be that different, should they?

NL favorites are the Mets and Cubs at 3/1 for the pennant, followed by the reigning World Champion Phillies at 11/2.

AL favorites are the Yankees at 2/1 for the pennant, Red Sox at 6/2 and Angels at 11/2. The defending AL champion Rays are at 8/1 along with the Indians.

Bodog says the over/under for Adam Dunn homeruns is 34.5. I would take the over, since he’s hit exactly 40 in each of the last 4 years and 46 in 2004.

Dunn is also getting 18/1 odds for being the player with the most homeruns in baseball for the season, and 30/1 odds for winning the NL MVP.

John Lannan is getting 75/1 odds for winning the NL Cy Young.

Over/under on homers for Ryan Zimmerman is 21.5. I think I’d take the over there, too.

But don’t listen to me. I only bet on Indonesian badminton.

Here’s Bodog’s full list of odds for the World Series:

Odds to win the 2009 World Series
New York Yankees: 9/2
Boston Red Sox: 11/2
Chicago Cubs : 8/1
New York Mets: 8/1
Los Angeles Angels: 14/1
Philadelphia Phillies: 15/1
Arizona Diamondbacks: 16/1
Tampa Bay Rays: 18/1
Atlanta Braves: 20/1
Los Angeles Dodgers: 20/1
Cleveland Indians: 20/1
Minnesota Twins: 24/1
Detroit Tigers : 25/1
St Louis Cardinals: 25/1
Oakland Athletics: 25/1
San Francisco Giants: 30/1
Chicago White Sox: 40/1
Milwaukee Brewers : 45/1
Florida Marlins: 50/1
Texas Rangers: 60/1
Cincinnati Reds: 60/1
Toronto Blue Jays: 75/1
Colorado Rockies: 75/1
Kansas City Royals: 75/1
Seattle Mariners : 80/1
Pittsburgh Pirates: 100/1
Houston Astros: 100/1
San Diego Padres: 100/1
Washington Nationals : 125/1
Baltimore Orioles: 150/1

- Tim Lemke