The Washington Times - May 26, 2009, 11:23AM

A week off to take care of my newborn son has left me a bit disoriented about what’s been going on in the world of sports. Are the Cavaliers really down 2-1 to the Magic in the NBA Playoffs? Are the Nuggets and Lakers really tied 2-2? Did the Nationals really manage to get through a game without blowing a save? Weird.

Please read my story about Twitter and sports here. I wrote most of it before my wife went into labor. The rest of it was completed while my son slept. He sleeps a lot. And that’s good.


Let’s see? What else did I miss?

- Comcast and the NFL Network make nice. I find it amusing that the news of that agreement broke while I was off, because there have been few stories more tedious to cover than that dispute. The great folks at Sports Business Journal have a nice analysis piece on how the deal got done.

- ESPNU expands its reach on DirecTV and Comcast. Very good for them, and good for me too. Can’t get enough ESPN. I feel this is a precursor to a big story this fall on the growth of some of these college sports channels. CBS College Sports recently got a distribution bump as well. Also announced was deal to add to Comcast’s service lineup. In many ways, that is bigger news than the ESPNU announcement.

- Indy 500. I did get to watch most of the race and I imagine the ratings were pretty solid given the victory by fan fave Helio Castroneves and a third-place finish by Danica Patrick. Lars Anderson of has a nice wrap-up of the race here. I was particularly intrigued by the comments by IRL officials about expanding to add more international races in the next few years.