The Washington Times - April 27, 2009, 11:10AM


To torture or not to torture is not the question. The United States does not torture. It’s that simple. Whether water boarding constitutes torture is another question. One everyone seems to want to debate right now. The law now says it is. I say, a little water never hurt anyone. And when I posed the topic to former President George W. Bush back in January and whether sleep deprivation constituted torture (another idiotic claim), he repeated the familiar refrain:

“Whatever we have done has been within the law.”

The question that does have me perplexed however, has to do with timing. Why now is the Obama administration and Democratic Congress so hellbent toward retribution? Even if they do believe that a crime was committed (and it is clearly apparent they do), what’s the purpose? Or better yet, what is the motivation behind the move to push for prosecution of a past administration?

Instead of coming up with his own version of what he believes should be an adequate enhanced interrogation policy going forward, it’s apparent President Obama has now decided he wants blood after all. His quest to move the country forward without obsessing about the past, has proven to be mere rhetoric. Yet it seems only to apply to the preceding administration, as opposed to going back to to the Clinton administration, for example, for its role in the U.S. military deaths connected to the Somalian disaster.

Fact is, this recent witch hunt is simply a diversion. A diversion from the hyper-partisan overspending government expansion that has so consumed the first days and months of this new president. The public’s disappointment and despair despite his popularity, is glaring. One might surmise that a “tortuous” slight of hand just could garner points in appeasing restless liberals while shifting the debate over our financial future to endless wrangling of the left’s most hated president and a topic that gets the blood boiling.

And what will be gained at the end of the day when a hypocritical and “amnesia-tic” (my made up word) Congress has wasted more taxpayer time, money and resources on show trials that will never result in actual convictions or jail time? Absolutely nothing you can take to the bank.

-Tara Wall is a deputy editor at The Washington Times and editor of