The Washington Times - April 6, 2009, 01:14PM

Bluff called. We blinked. North Korea has center court. And we have capitulated. President Barack Obama responding to the missile launch by the North Koreans over the weekend called it a “provocative act” (no kidding) and offered a warning (of sorts): 

“North Korea broke the rules.. This provocation underscores the need for action.”

Ohh.. they broke the rules. Kim you’re in big trouble now buster. What kind of action will he face? Well, those details are still a bit fuzzy. But we know one thing according to the commander-in-chief:

“All nations must come together.”

Hmmm. I thought they already had by way of the UN? (Which already has two sets of sanctions imposed against the rogue nation.) This is a pitiful response, particularly in light of President Obama’s warning BEFORE the impending launch:

“Should North Korea decide to take this action, we will work with all interested parties in the international community to take appropriate steps.”

Notice he’s essentially said the same thing. But this time he’s really angry - not really. But assuming he is, just what are the “appropriate steps,” you ask? Again, fuzzy. No to mention the president offered no condemnation, declaration or specific action. In other words, his solution is: Let’s get a bunch of nation’s together to decide what do to with a rogue regime we already knew was about to launch a nuclear weapon. That’s telling them!

What no doubt can be considered his great humiliation overseas, noted syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer had nothing short of a stellar assessment of Obama’s inaction on FOX News this morning. He summed up so eloquently why most (not just conservatives) agree that this is an extremely weak U.S. response to North Korea. 

-Tara Wall is editor of