The Washington Times - March 18, 2009, 10:01AM

If Tim Geithner‘s days aren’t numbered, they should be. We now know that he was first to learn about AIG’s multi-million dollar bonus pay outs. Except, it seems, he didn’t know until after Sen. Chris Dodd’s “no strings attached” amendment that not only could have banned such pay outs from the bailout package, but allowed them.

While President Barack Obama is defending Geithner’s delayed action to alert Congress, it’s too little too late. Geithner is a holdover at Treasury. He predates president Obama, so ignorance is and never was an excuse. As we find out just what the administration knew, when it knew it and who’s responsible for what, it’s time to take stock of just what Geithner has added or subtracted to our economic turmoil. And the “x’s” are adding up for the Treasury chief. (see previous post: The Ghost of Geithner)

It doesn’t cut it for an administration who promised a fine tooth comb through every piece of taxpayer funded legislation, to ram the deal through Congress with little oversight, and require no accountability of its money man.

From promises of more transparency to “keeping” its promises of “contractual obligations,” the administration’s “promises” fall flat. 

If AIG chief executive Edward Liddy, “isn’t the fall guy,” as Geithner put it, then Geither most certainly should be.

Tara Wall is editor of