The Washington Times - October 15, 2008, 07:50PM

Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee Bob Barr will stage his own virtual debate during the televised debate between Senators Barack Obama and John McCain at 9 p.m. EST, streamed live over the Internet at 

Well, why not? This is the Land of the Free, after all.

“This is a chance for Congressman Barr to address the American people and offer his answers to the questions asked in the debate using the latest advances in Internet social networking,” says Russell Verney, Barr’s campaign manager.

 “It’s important that voters hear all the voices in this election, especially since Republicans and Democrats—on whose watch all of these problems were created—have proven they don’t have the answers Americans are looking for. The advances in Internet communication are making it harder and harder for the two-party system to shut out alternative voices, which American voters are desperate to hear.”

“We’re calling it the Presidential Debate 2.0,” Mr. Verney adds. 

— Jennifer Harper, National Desk reporter