The Washington Times - September 1, 2008, 10:46AM

Virginia’s delegation to the Republican National Convention stayed on schedule Sunday night and managed to have a little fun, despite news that convention activities had been scaled back due to Hurricane Gustav. Members participated in their “Arcade Night” - a welcome party held at the Radisson University Hotel in Minneapolis. The event was attended by party luminaries like Attorney General Bob McDonnell and retiring Rep. Tom Davis, and featured Nintendo Wii systems hooked up to big-screen TVs. Party-goers could be seen swinging the system’s joystick through the air in an attempt to simulate the ideal Wii golf swing. Among the highlights: Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Jeff Frederick battling Gary Byler, the party’s chairman of the 2nd District, in a spirited game of air hockey. Mr. Frederick said he narrowly lost to Mr. Byler in the first game, 7-6, but in the second game “He kicked my butt.” Party spokesman Gerry Scimeca said most of the events scheduled for the delegation that aren’t specific to the convention are likely to continue since they are backed by sponsors. Those include a jazz brunch with Pat Boone on Wednesday. “These events are not political,” Mr. Scimeca said. “It really is something for people to see each other, [get] together. Echoing the sentiment heard around the convention, though, Mr. Scimeca said the Gulf Coast region is on everyone’s minds. “We want to let people know that the Gulf area … we’re thinking about them,” he said.