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Gary Emerling

Articles by Gary Emerling

EXCLUSIVE: Colombian prisoners strain D.C. Jail

Two of the District's top law enforcement officials are warning that dozens of federal prisoners with ties to Colombian rebel groups and international drug rings are a threat to security at the D.C. Jail and pose a risk of escape into the surrounding neighborhood. Published July 2, 2009

Metro didn’t follow 3 federal safety notices

Metro's failure to replace rail cars involved in Monday's deadly Red Line crash was not the first time the transit agency has left unfulfilled urgent safety recommendations by federal investigators in recent years. Published June 25, 2009

NTSB cited Metro car problems in 2006

National Transportation Safety Board officials told Metro officials three years ago the type of subway car involved in Monday's fatal crash needed to be updated or replaced. Published June 23, 2009

Early questions focus on crash warning system

Technology is supposed to prevent the sort of catastrophic crash that occurred Monday on Washington's heralded subway system. As investigators began sifting through the twisted metal wreckage, the alert system designed to warn when Metro trains get too close and the initial call summoning rescue help emerged as two early subjects of inquiry. Published June 23, 2009

Agents seize 10 pounds of meth

Federal agents on Thursday arrested a man and woman on suspicion of possessing of 10 pounds of methamphetamine at a Lorton hotel -- an amount thought to be the largest seized in the area in recent memory. Published June 19, 2009

Feds seize 10 lbs. of meth at Lorton hotel

Federal agents Thursday arrested a man and woman authorities say were in possession of 10 pounds of methamphetamine at a Lorton hotel — an amount of the drug thought to be the largest seized in the area in recent memory. Published June 18, 2009

Council rejects a gang curb

The D.C. Council on Tuesday approved emergency legislation updating the city's criminal code before the summer but rejected a much-debated provision backed by the Fenty administration dealing with civil injunctions for gang members. Published June 17, 2009

D.C. bypasses voters on gay marriage

D.C. elections officials Monday rejected a request to put the issue of same-sex marriage before voters, creating a clearer path for city lawmakers to allow gay couples to be married in the nation's capital. Published June 16, 2009

D.C.: No same-sex marriage referendum

D.C. elections officials have rejected a request to bring legislation granting legal recognition to same-sex marriages in the nation's capital before voters. Published June 15, 2009

Gay marriage ruling awaited

D.C. elections officials are expected to issue a ruling as early as Friday on whether a referendum dealing with recognizing same-sex marriages in the nation's capital can go forward. Published June 12, 2009

BREAKING: Deeds wins Democratic race

The Associated Press has declared Virginia Sen. R. Creigh Deeds winner of the state's Democratic gubernatorial primary. Published June 9, 2009

Some D.C. paramedics to be retrained

About a dozen D.C. paramedics were ordered into retraining and others have been required to take course work, but D.C. Fire Chief Dennis L. Rubin told a city council committee that a series of poor performances in medical-knowledge tests did not require punishment or a major shake-up in the department. Published June 9, 2009

Homes ablaze require 3 alarms

A three-alarm fire Thursday morning in Northeast destroyed two homes and heavily damaged another. Published June 5, 2009

Fire destroys two District homes

A three-alarm fire Thursday morning in the District's Brookland neighborhood destroyed two homes and heavily damaged another, city fire officials say. Published June 4, 2009

House OKs bill to recognize 6 Virginia tribes

House lawmakers on Wednesday approved legislation granting federal recognition to six Virginia Indian tribes, placing the matter in the hands of the Senate and putting the groups one step closer to their decade-long goal. Published June 4, 2009

Executive’s departure not tied to contracts scam

Prince William County Executive Craig Gerhart said Wednesday he is leaving his position to take a job with Amtrak, an announcement officials say is unrelated to a recent scandal in the county's information technology department. Published June 4, 2009

D.C. tax would ban free use of plastic bags

The District of Columbia moved Tuesday to impose a tax on the use of paper and plastic shopping bags, catapulting the nation's capital to the forefront of the "green" retail movement while raising concerns that the new levy would impose an economic burden on the poor. Published June 3, 2009

D.C. Council approves plastic bag tax

The D.C. Council Tuesday gave initial approval to legislation creating a tax on the use of plastic bags by retailers, an environmental initiative that could make the city the first in the nation to enact such a measure but one decried by opponents as a tax on the poor. Published June 2, 2009

D.C. Council to consider competing crime bills

The D.C. Council is expected to consider emergency crime legislation at a session later this month, but a dispute surrounding the statute changes still appears unresolved. Published June 2, 2009