The Washington Times - September 4, 2008, 12:14PM

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Former Arkansas governor and one-time presidential candidate Mike Huckabee this morning extolled the virtues of Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin and lobbed a few potshots in the direction of the Democratic presidential ticket.

Speaking at a breakfast for the Maryland delegation to the Republican National Convention — the morning after Mrs. Palin’s much anticipated keynote address and his own remarks to the convention — Mr. Huckabee noted the Alaska governor and self-described “hockey mom” resembles a famous comedienne and said he was confident about her upcoming performance in a vice presidential debate against Sen. Joe Biden.


“She looks like Tina Fey, has the accent of [“Fargo” character] Marge Gunderson and kicks tail like Chuck Norris,” Mr. Huckabee said. “All the wind in Joe Biden’s body is not going to be able to blow her away.”

Mr. Huckabee also told Maryland delegates that “the dynamics of this election have been turned on their head.”

“I have to believe Barack Obama woke up this morning thinking ‘Why didn’t I pick Hillary?’” he said.

Turning a bit more serious, Mr. Huckabee said he is “grateful” for the pro-life stance of Mrs. Palin and presidential nominee Sen. John McCain, and said the two will take a firm approach to fighting terrorism.

He referenced Mr. McCain’s prior remarks that he would follow Osama Bin Laden “to the gates of hell” — and said Mrs. Palin would be right there with him.

“After last night I believe Sarah Palin will be right behind him with a couple hockey sticks to beat the daylights out of” the terrorists, Mr. Huckabee said.


Gary Emerling reporter, The Washington Times