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Only at The Washington Times: Reporters discuss the latest news from the 2008 Presidential Election.

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An eyeful of Ifill

First there was Fake Sarah, now it's Fake Gwen. NBC's Saturday Night Live has quietly admitted it has cast singer/actress Queen Latifah to play PBS correspondent Gwen Ifill, who moderated the vice presidential debates.

Sarah Palin steps to the line

I've seen this scenario before: during March Madness. The number-one seed has begun to assert itself, regained the lead, and is on the verge of putting away the underdog.

How to elevate a controversy

The McCain campaign has deployed a former Army helicopter pilot who actually was shot down to take aim at Joe Biden's claims he was shot at in the Green Zone in Iraq and was in a chopper that was forced down in Afghanistan.

Holiday advice

The Jewish high holidays have come at an auspicious time for lawmakers wrestling with the Wall Street bailout, according to one well-known financial advisor and talk radio host.

McCain and the foreign leaders quiz

As John McCain flubbed the name of Pakistan's new president in Friday night's debate, folks had to be reminded of then-Gov. George W. Bush in 1999 being stumped by the names of world leaders, including, yes, the leader of Pakistan.