The Washington Times - November 4, 2008, 07:53PM

Actor Tim Robbins finally was able to vote tonight after running into trouble at the polls this morning, according to the Associated Press.

“He said his name was nowhere to be found on the books at a YMCA in downtown Manhattan, where he’d previously voted in presidential elections,” the AP said.


Mr. Robbins has been registered to vote in New York since 1988. He has not moved or changed party affiliations either. Although, he was given a paper ballot, Mr. Robbins said he wanted to vote electronically because he did not trust paper ballots.

“After hours of waiting, Robbins said he was told to visit the board’s downtown office, which confirmed what he knew to be true: He’s a registered voter. A judge then issued a court order allowing him to vote — and that he did, at the same location where his trouble began,” the AP reported.

— Christopher Shaver, intern, The Washington Times