The Washington Times - August 23, 2009, 11:53PM



Senator Arlen Specter’s positions continue to dog the the now Democratic Senator from Pennsylvania, as he bobs and weaves his way through some of his past stances prior his party switch. In this video clip,  Mr. Specter first explains back in late April of 2009 on MSNBC’s Ed Schultz’s program , that he was opposed to using reconciliation as a tactic to passing health care reform.  

SPECTER:  I`m opposed to reconciliation to be used for health care or any other substantive legislative issues.  I think it would undermine an important institutional prerogative of the Senate to require 60 votes on these complicated matters.  I thought that when I — whether I would be a Republican or a Democrat.  

However, the Pennsylvania Senator warmed up to using reconciliation as a measure to pass health care legislation since then.  He gave Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace a different story :

SPECTER:I think that the vastly preferable way is to go the sixty route, and with sixty Democratic senators I think that can be done. I think the fifty-one approach is not desirable.  As a very last, last, last  resort, if you can’t get anything else, I would consider it, but I think that is undesirable.

It looks as if Mr. Specter is giving himself some wiggle room on the matter now.  Senator Specter’s further lurch to the left has not helped him in the polls.  Rasmussen reports shows Republican challenger Pat Toomey with a solid double digit lead over Mr. Specter.  The Pennsylvania Senator’s wavering loyalty with his convictions may be wearing thin on his constituents, as some have already shown frustration at town hall meetings.  The question remains whether or not Mr. Specter is paying attention.