The Washington Times - December 1, 2009, 04:35PM

Andrew Sullivan, publisher of The Daily Dish blog hosted by The Atlantic, issued a correction Monday after vehemently chastising Charles Karauthammer for positions the columnist never expressed.  Sullivan claims he didn’t read the date on Krauthammer’s column and mistook it for something current, even though it was dated May 30, 2008.

Sullivan’s tail tucked between his knees on Monday:


“I completely misread the date on one of Charles Krauthammer’s columns on climate change and he rightly excoriates me for the error. I’m not sure how it happened, but I assumed, I think, that a piece sent to me in response to the climategate issue was current and didn’t check the date. It makes the post largely moot. Krauthammer does omit the gas tax idea in that column, as I noted, but he explains the small discrepancy…”

“I was wrong in inferring any shift of Krauthammer’s position under Obama; and I apologize to Krauthammer and my readers for both the mistake and the unfair inference.”

In response to Sullivan’s “oopsy daisy” moment,  Krauthammer’s Monday column titled “The quintessential Andrew Sullivan,” said:

“Sullivan’s entire ad hominem conclusion — that my views are animated by nothing but the basest, most corrupt partisan motives — turned out to be a complete invention based on his inability to read dates. And, characteristically, on total ignorance of the subject he is writing about — in this case, my views on a gasoline tax.”

Say this for Sullivan. Commenters on The Washington Post site predicted he’d hide the mistake — and they were just as wrong as Sully.