The Washington Times - December 17, 2009, 02:20PM

Greenpeace activists got a taste of their own vandalism this week in Copenhagen. Distracted by the free donuts brought aboard one of their huge, gas-guzzling ships by people they later realized were members of an opposition group, Greenpeacers did not immediately notice members of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow unfurling over the side of their ship a large banner mocking them.

CFACT supporters held the banner, done in Greenpeace’s trademark green and white and reading “Ship of Lies,”over the railing of Arctic Sunrise, one of Greenpeace’s two ships. Later in the day CFACT pulled off another caper, when members pulled up alongside the group’s other ship, Rainbow Warrior, in a motorized dinghy and displayed a similar banner, this one reading “Propaganda Warrior.”


“Greenpeace ships, like the Rainbow Warrior and Arctic Sunrise, have become global symbols for radical environmentalism, and we wanted to call attention to the harm these groups are causing,” CFACT President David Rothbard said. “It seemed appropriate to use one of Greenpeace’s own favorite tactics to make this point.”

Greenpeace protesters frequently hang their own banners from factories and office buildings and paint slogans on smokestacks. The organization, which is virulently opposed to genetically engineered foods, has also worked over the years to prevent starving African nations from receiving biotech food aid. Members frequently destroy bio-engineered crops, wiping out millions of dollars of research into developing food plants that are more nutritious, better withstand floods and droughts and can resist insect infestations. In an enlightened move, Greenpeace campaign director Charles Margulis termed such plants “FrankenFood.”

It’s a good thing donuts are such unadulterated, wholesome snacks.