The Washington Times - December 9, 2009, 01:25PM

At least 21 partners for the Census Bureau’s 2010 campaign support illegal alien amnesty or have supported similar congressional measures.

ACORN already received the boot from the Census partner list after being ousted for supporting criminals. What criteria does the Census put in place to protect the count from other extremist left-wing groups?


According to a Census spokesman, the agency wants partners that:
-will promote the goals of the Census campaign.
-are viewed as trusted voices in their community.
-will reach out and motivate household individuals in hard to count areas.
-have the ability to reach out to their own members, through newsletters and various means of communication.

The Census Bureau does not want partners that:
-distract from the Census Bureau’s mission. 
-are not trusted or viewed negatively within the community.
-make people fearful of participating in the census, such as groups advocating violence, hate crimes or those harboring extreme anti-immigrant views.
-produces products that create a negative connotation for the Census Bureau, such as sexually related products.

Seven organizations partnered with the 2010 Census have representatives serving as board or committee members for the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda. For its immigration recommendations, the NHLA advocates enabling “the 12 million undocumented people in our country to come forward, attain legal status, learn English and assume the rights and responsibilities of citizenship while creating smart and secure borders that enhance national security.” 

Here is a list of the seven organizations:
National Council of La Raza
National Institute for Latino Policy
Hispanic Federation
Labor Council for Latin American Advancement
Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund
National Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Association (programs specifically recommended by NHLA)
U.S. Hispanic Leadership Institute

Leading the way is the National Council of La Raza, who’s leaders serve as representatives on the NHLA board and on several committees.  La Raza, which means “The Race,” was founded on the idea that much of the American Southwest was “stolen” from Mexico and should be returned.

La Raza serves on the NHLA civil rights committee that would create legislation making it easier for illegals to vote.  Census partners National Institute for Latino Policy and the U.S. Hispanic Leadership Institute also serve the committee that opposes voter identification and proof of citizenship laws.

An additional 14 organizations openly support reform packages that include amnesty, or amnesty related legislation.

Latino Coalition; advisor supports amnesty
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute; supports amnesty and protects illegal immigrants
Catholic Legal Immigrant Network
Asian Pacific American Legal Center; supports amnesty, same-sex marriage.
Asian American Justice Center
Arab American Institute
National Latino Research Center; flip-flops against it’s own research to advance pro-amnesty agenda.
Rainbow Push Coalition
Voto Latino; removed a blog linking to this New York Times editorial.
Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance
League of United Latin American Citizens
Organization of Chinese Americans
Service Employees International Union

Some highlights here include the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, founded by Reverend Jesse Jackson. Not only does the organization pursue an extreme agenda, Jackson’s organization is known for corporate fundraising where companies are threatened with protests and negative publicity unless they fill the Rainbow Push collection plate.

Obama’s home cheering section and Census partner, the Service Employees International Union, has also gotten involved in amnesty legislation. SEIU is the go-to lobby for the Obama White House. SEIU’s secretary treasurer Anna Burger has been appointed to Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, and SEIU president Andy Stern is a regular White House visitor.  Both bureaucrats were registered lobbyists before SEIU donated nearly $30 million to the Obama campaign. The Americans for Tax Reform have requested an investigation by the Department of Justice into illegal lobby activity by Burger and the SEIU.

A list of the Census Bureau’s 2000 partners confirms that 14 of the amnesty-sympathetic organizations were not partners with the 2000 Census campaign.  That’s good enough to about triple the amount of illegal alien amnesty organizations active during the Clinton administration census in 2000.

In addition to the 14 amnesty sympathizing organizations added to the 2010 partner list, six unions have also been added.

Counting every inhabitant in the United States despite legal status substantially distorts the political landscape in the country. Senator David Vitter, R-La, recently introduced a proposal that would require the Census to count only legal citizens toward national population figures. The amendment was killed by the Democrat-controlled Senate in November but the debate will not subside.  Independent research proves the complexities caused by the mass population count and fair congressional representation.

The Census Bureau justifies its alliances with extremist groups such as La Raza and ACORN as part of an effort to reach hard to count populations. The Census is right to take strong measures to make sure it conducts the best count possible, but alliances with left-wing extremists are an unnecessary shortcut that will undermine trust in the Census among Americans. That’s too high a price for a slight improvement in counting people who shouldn’t be here anyway.