The Washington Times - July 24, 2009, 03:15PM

Where there is a race controversy there is Al Sharpton.  In this case, Rev. Sharpton’s niece and radio sidekick, Brittany, has taken the Henry Louis Gates-Sgt.James Crowley controversy to another level.  Radio Equalizer Brian Maloney picked up the audio and transcript below of Ms. Sharpton blaming the woman who called the Cambridge police after spotting two unidentified men (one of whom was Gates) breaking into Professor Gates’s home.  It should be pointed out Professor Gates’s house was previously broken into.  




BRITTANY SHARPTON (44:24): What I was also wondering is what should be the repercussions for this lady that reportedly you know called and thought someone was breaking in. If he’s lived here for so many years, I’m sure she knew that, even if she didn’t… (Guest David A Wilson interrupts)

DAVID A WILSON: Well maybe she didn’t know. It just one of those sort of things where it’s difficult. Yeah, cause you would think that she would have recognized him, or you know, I don’t know the circumstances behind that.

BRITTANY SHARPTON: Cause I’m thinking, even when the police came and she realized, okay, I’m sure she was still quote-unquote looking out her window she saw that this was Professor Gates, her neighbor after all these years. She should at least you know stopped it just seems like you know anyone could basically report anything and this is what happens when you’re black.