The Washington Times - November 3, 2009, 09:13PM

In the final hours of New York’s 23rd District election, Mr. Hoffman’s Plattsburgh campaign office reported that a tire of a poll watcher for the Hoffman campaign was slashed. However, it turned out the poll watcher’s tire caught a glass bottle at some point during his drive to the polls. The Washington Times Water Cooler spoke to Hoffman campaign spokesman Rob Ryan about the incident.:

“There were people out there, and the report that came to us was that a tire had been slashed, and we reported it to the press. There was stuff we’d been suspecting stuff would go on in Plattsburg the whole time, and we were told a tire was slashed. These things happen last hours of the campaign.”


Mr. Ryan attributed the error to campaign volunteers who are new to helping out on political campaigns.:

“We’ve got a bunch a people coming in from all over the nation, that come in from all over the state,  and there are individuals from all over the district. These people are all volunteers. This is a revolution that’s taking place here, but most of them have never been involved in political campaigns before. Its something that is absolutely new to them, but what they do care about is the country and they care that someone who believes in cutting taxes and spending gets elected.”