The Washington Times - October 22, 2009, 04:52PM

Minnesota’s Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty is in Washington D.C. tonight holding his first fundraiser for his newly formed political action committee “Freedom First.” The fundraiser will start at a local Washington D.C. bar and make its way to the home of lobbyist John Milne and his wife Deb Anderson. Unfortunately, Pawlenty’s handlers don’t trust their candidate to survive a little scrutiny, even from fellow conservatives.

After contacting Pawlenty’s consultant Alex Conant about attending the first Pawlenty event, The Washington Times got the brush off:

“The event is closed to press, but it’s outside, so you may get some color from the sidewalk and may be able to ask him a question as he’s leaving…”

Golly, how thoughtful. Like we need permission to stand on the sidewalk and shout questions.

Not to be deterred, we sent the consultant a second email suggesting he reconsider and we got back this howler:

“(You’re) welcome to pay the $50 entry fee if (you) want to attend.
If I let (you) in for free, then I have to let in every reporter, which we are not doing.”

Suddenly Washington is kindergarten where the rules have to be fair? Get a grip, Al. I haven’t been in Washington forever, but I didn’t get here yesterday.

If Mr. Pawlenty has 2012 aspirations he needs to let conservatives to get to know him. Hopefully his consultants will figure that out.