The Washington Times - October 30, 2009, 02:10PM

Four days away from Election Day in Virginia and the gubnatorial race looks like McDonnell’s to lose.  According to polls McDonnell is leading Democrat Creigh Deeds by double digits. This has the makings of a historic landslide.

Virginia bloggers comment:


The Shad Plank: McDonnell and Deeds launch new campaign ads, send around Obama video

“Republican Bob McDonnell and Democrat Creigh Deeds are rolling out their final campaign ads for the gubernatorial election stressing the positive.”


The Virginian Federalist: Why Bob McDonnell should and will be governor.

Too Conservative: Upcoming McDonnell rallies.

Star City Harbinger: McDonnell tells talk radio host he will de-fund Planned Parenthood.

Blue Commonwealth: McDonnell videos.

Too Conservative: Gays, Gays, Gays all the time at the WaPo.

“For heaven’s sakes, the agenda of the WaPo is so transparent and constantly ridiculous!  They continue their near daily attacks on Bob McDonnell by leading with a gay controversy in this article, then try to help their chosen one Steve Shannon with a gay controversy in this article.

“Is this the Dems’/WaPo’s new final push strategy?  Get out the gay vote?  Don’t they have this locked up already?  Are the Dems doing so poorly that they need to shore up their gay base?”

Change Servant: Gay Republicans praise McDonnell, blast Cooch column.

Blue Virginia: McDonnell’s Mentor: Hate Crimes Legislation Tightens “Noose” Around Christian Necks

Fisherville Mike

“NRO’s Campaign Spot looks at an article with Creigh Deeds and Bob McDonnell answering the same questions. And comes away impressed with McDonnell’s answer to a question from the magazine’s Twitter followers.

“’I think that Bob McDonnell was able to offer a genuine compliment and praise for his opponent says a great deal about him.’”

Bearing Drift: Victory Tour Breakfast, Henrico

Blue Commonwealth: The truth about McDonnell’s attack ads.


Vivian Paige: Wrap up: Obama in Norfolk for Deeds

Anti-BVBL: Deeds Campaign even Friday night.

Blueweeds: Deeds rally Friday afternoon.

Roanoke Valley Republicans: It’s Getting Lonely For Deeds On The Campaign Trail

“Both Bob McDonnell and Creigh Deeds stopped in Roanoke this week and the contrast couldn’t be more glaring. Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling, Ken Cuccinelli and Mitt Romney were greeted by over 200 enthusiastic and fired up supporters. Creigh Deeds was greeted by about 70 people, half of whom were HS kids who had walked over from the City School as part of class. It’s Getting Lonely For Deeds.”

Blue Commonwealth: Deeds for Governor

Fisherville Mike: Shameless Deeds ad forgets earlier message.

United Conservatives: How Creigh Deeds can win.

The Toxic Mud Pit: Will Obama Help Deeds?

Coarse Cracked Corn:

“Creigh Deeds has been there for Virginia. Now he needs you to be there for him.”

Vivian Paige: Deeds video.

X Curmudgeon: Grim Time for Deeds and Dems.


Virginia Virtucon: Another Day and Three More Polls Show McDonnell Walking Away With This Race

“Today, Roanoke College, Suffolk University and Daily Kos / Research 2000 all released their polls showing Bob McDonnell holding a lead of anywhere between 10 and 17 points.  Roanoke and Suffolk polled the downballot statewide races as well and found the GOP holding significant double-digit leads in both of those races as well.

“If all these numbers hold and the undecideds either stay home or jump on the McDonnell bandwagon to be on the winning side, there is a VERY real possibility that McDonnell will be elected by a margin not seen since the GOP became competitive in Virginia during the last 40 years.”

New Dominion Project: Polls show suburban voters singlehandedly destroying Deeds.

Renaissance Ruminatins: Fight for independent voters not what you think.


Virginia Politics: Trump cuts a check to McDonnell

Virginia Politics: What happens in Vegas…

“According to the State Board of Elections, the donation came from Dr. Miriam Adelson, an internist married to billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson. Sheldon, who ranked as the country’s 26th richest man in America by Forbes this year, is the chairman of the board and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation.”

On The Right: Deeds union goons back with more big money.


Bearing Drift: National Republicans seizing initiative in Virginia

Red Nova: Read Rich Lowry’s articles on Bob McDonnell and the GOP.

Blue Virginia: Revised House of Delegates Ratings.

Blue Virginia: Triage.