The Washington Times - October 9, 2009, 01:14PM

Only two comments were left by Department of Justice computers on this year.

This certainly doesn’t lend any support to the charge there is a “blog squad” working within the department.


To reiterate what Matthew Miller, Director of Public Affair at the Justice Department told the Washington Times:

“There is no ‘blog squad’. There is Tracy [Russo] who handles online media.  It’s the policy of the office of public affairs to not post anonymous comments.  We have not seen any evidence that anyone does post comments, and if we did have evidence of that, people would no longer work here.” 

If any bloggers out there have additional evidence of blog comments left by Department of Justice IP adresses, we’d love to have info added to comment section for this post so that we can follow up. Of particular use would be the exact IP addresses used to leave comments.