The Washington Times - September 18, 2009, 01:37PM

Today’s Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: sinking Obamacare poll numbers, a Hollywood actor is not impressed with Obama’s environmental action, a congressman skips out on the ACORN vote, and Andrew Breitbart is promising more ACORN videos.

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The bounce from Barack Obama’s speech last week to Congress continues to amplify … to Obama’s detriment.  Rasmussen now reports that opposition to ObamaCare has reached its highest level yet, at 56%, while only 43% support it. Brad Wilmouth on: Actor Alan Autry Slams Obama for Choosing Fish Over Farmers

…in Huron, California, where drought-stricken farmers are suffering because the federal government continues to withhold water to save endangered fish, leaving tens of thousands of farm workers standing in line for hours at food banks. Brian Faughanan on: Gerry Connolly’s Dodge

 …the House of Representatives voted to deny federal funding to ACORN. The vote was stunning and lopsided - with 345 Republicans and Democrats voting to deny taxpayer funds, and just 75 Democrats voting to keep the funds flowing.

Freedom’s Lighthouse -Breitbart Slams CNN for their ACORN Coverage; Tells Megyn Kelly “There Are More Videos to Come”

Breitbart hammered CNN for their coverage of the ACORN Scandal, pointing out how they have repeatedly allowed themselves to be a conduit for the ACORN line.