The Washington Times - September 23, 2009, 04:23PM

While Americans for the Arts denies any knowledge of the August 10 NEA, White House, and United We Serve conference call, a Water Cooler commenter pointed out that Nicola Vassell, an August 10 call participant,  happens to be a member of an American for the Arts committee herself.  According to an Americans for the Arts Action Fund document titled “A Platform in Support of the Arts” Ms. Vassell is listed as a member of the Obama National Arts Policy Committee.  Under her listing she is named as:

Director, Deitch Projects; Young


Benefactors Steering Committee,

Americans for the Arts

Here are some of the highlights of the document:

To Find out more about how to get involved with the campaign in your area, please visit We also invite you to join the social online group of arts advocates who support Obama at:


Finding affordable health coverage has often been one of the most vexing obstacles for

artists and those in the creative community. Since many artists work independently

or have non-traditional employment relationships, employer-based coverage

is unavailable and individual policies are financially out of reach. Barack Obama’s

plan will provide all Americans with quality, affordable health care. His plan includes the

creation of a new public program that will allow individuals and small businesses to buy

affordable health care similar to that available to federal employees. His plan also creates

a National Health Insurance Exchange to reform the private insurance market and

allow Americans to enroll in participating private plans, which would have to provide

comprehensive benefits, issue every applicant a policy, and charge fair and stable premiums.

For those who still cannot afford coverage, the government will provide a subsidy. His

health plan will lower costs for the typical American family by up to $2,500 per year.


Ms.Vassell has not responded to the Washington Times regarding her participation on the August 10 conference call.