The Washington Times - September 24, 2009, 09:40AM


James Bau Graves, Executive Director, Old Town School of Folk Music

Rec. grant award in 2009

Old Town School of Folk Music, Inc. (Consortium)

Chicago, IL


To support the Cultural Heritage Project. In partnership with the Kalaoriya Foundation, the project will strengthen relationships with immigrant communities to better preserve and present their artistic traditions.


Kim Hastreiter, Editor, Publisher and Co-founder of PAPER Publishing Co.




Gayle Isa, Executive Director, Asian Arts Initiative

Rec. grant award 2009

Asian Arts Initiative

Philadelphia, PA



James Kass, Founder & Executive Director, Youth Speaks Inc.

Rec, grant award 2009

Youth Speaks, Inc. (Consortium)

San Francisco, CA


To support the 12th annual Brave New Voices International Poetry Festival in Chicago. In partnership with Young Chicago Authors,  festival programming will include performances, workshops, training for artists and educators, and community programs.


Joe Lambert, Founder and Executive Director, Center for Digital Storytelling

Rec Grant 2006 

Alternate ROOTS, Inc. (Consortium)

Atlanta, GA


To support a consortium project for the 30th Annual Meeting. The Center for Digital Storytelling in Berkeley, California, will provide training for conference participants in the techniques of documenting artists’ work through digital video.

Publisher: The Heartland Institute


Liz Lerman, Founding Artistic Director, Liz Lerman Dance Exchange

rec award 2009 and 2005

Dance Exchange, Inc. (aka Liz Lerman Dance Exchange)

Takoma Park, MD


To support the creation and presentation of Original Tea, an interactive installation choreographed by Artistic Director Liz Lerman. The work will combine dance, media, and conversation.


Rick Lowe, Artist, Founder, Project Row Houses

rec grant award 2009

Project Row Houses (aka PRH)

Houston, TX


To support a residency program for artists to undertake projects in Houston’s Third Ward. The project’s three components are installation opportunities for artists in shotgun-style row houses, a summer studio program for students, and the participation of artists in a public art program.