The Washington Times - April 14, 2010, 02:16AM

Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, from Georgia, addressed the Heritage Foundation’s weekly blogger briefing on Tuesday and discussed everything from energy policy to the 2010 midterms. I asked Mr. Gingrich, “With the 2012 presidential elections, what should prospective GOP candidates start doing right now if they want to be taken seriously later?” Mr Gingrich replied: 


“We have fifteen out of sixteen close [governor] races. If we sweep the governorships, we are very likely to have a net pick up of 25 plus House seats over the next decade through reapportion. We decisively change the balance of power in the House. The gubernatorial candidates…you look at Meg Whitman, who I think now is up twenty points over Jerry Brown. You look at John Kasich…there’s really good candidates for governor out there. They have the potential to create a dynamic in their states to elect ,at the margin, legislators and county commissioners and members of Congress. I’m very excited by what the RGA is doing.”

The Georgia Republican gave his predictions for the 2010 midterms saying, “As of today, I would say the odds are even that Boehner will be speaker, and they’re not quite that good, but they’re getting better every week that McConnell is going to be majority leader.”

What are Mr. Gingrich’s plans for the upcoming year? The former Speaker of the House answered my inquiry about what’s on the docket for himself:

“[I’m going] to campaign for Kasich and campaign for candidates throughout the country. I’m out doing exactly what I said people should be doing. I’m doing fundraiser events around the country trying to help candidates across the country. Focus on ’10 then you have lots of time in ’11 and ‘12 to do whatever you want to do in terms of running for president.”