The Washington Times - April 14, 2010, 11:14AM

To honor her country’s 62nd birthday, an Israeli jewelry designer created and recently began selling sterling silver and gold-plated pendants shaped like Israel—but with more than a fifth of the tiny state’s territory omitted. 

The ‘My Israel Necklace by illi,’ dreamed up and created by Israeli artist Elanit Leder, is now for sale exclusively through the Judaica Web site But political correctness doesn’t come cheap: these retail at up to $70, and were tactfully made available for purchase just in time for the April 18 date of Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israeli Independence Day. (We doubt, somehow, that were he to hear about it Vice President Biden would cry foul about the poor timing of this release.)


Despite complaints about the sale of the piece the site is, as of now, still selling it. The site describes the necklace as “depict[ing] Israel’s borders as they are today: including East Jerusalem but missing the Palestinian Territories: remainder of the West Bank and Gaza.” Indeed, what better way to celebrate your country’s miraculous triumph in a war against five invading armies than to create “art” portraying it with indefensible borders? Happy Birthday, Israel!