The Washington Times - April 9, 2010, 04:26PM


Tony Perkins, president of the Washington, D.C. based Family Research Council, spoke at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. I spoke with Mr. Perkins after former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin had addressed the crowd.

“She tells it lie it is. People are sick and tired of the politics as usual and the political spin people put on their answers, and they just want  people to tell it like it is, and she does that,” he said. However, the conservative activist remains critical of the Republican National Committee. Mr. Perkins previously put out a statement saying that social conservatives should not give their money to the RNC:

“The purpose of my statement was to tell our constituents and those who look to us for guidance on the political spectrum, if you want to affect change, there is a better place to put your money,” he said. “Not at the RNC but give it directly to conservative candidates who reflect your values…Other political action committees. There’s other Republican entities…just not with the RNC.”

The FRC president was also critical of the embattled RNC chairman Michael Steele. Mr. Steele is also in attendance at SRLC this weekend, and I asked if he thought Michael Steele should resign from his position from the RNC:

“It really is a question the RNC has to decide. I have decided personally after a year working with him that he just doesn’t understand the concerns of social conservatives who make up a large portion of GOP voters.”