The Washington Times - August 1, 2010, 03:50PM

Is MSNBC’s Ed Schultz trying to further torpedo the Democrats’ chances this fall when the mid-term elections roll around? The MSNBC talker is advocating for his fellow liberals to boycott the mid-term elections reports Radio Equalizer Brian Maloney. On Friday’s radio program, Mr. Schultz said the following: (emphasis is mine)


Every single day I will call on the Congress not to go home for the August recess until they do something for the 99’ers, and I will also start the conversation…and I will ask the 99’ers across this country to not vote for the Democrats if they don’t deliver the mail. This is what it has come to. This is what we have to do. I’m in the trenches with ya’. I believe that this is really an important moral issue for this country. I’ve had enough of the Republicans saying no to everything and in this case they are saying yes to death is what they’re doing in my opinion. And again last night on the House floor Anthony Weiner going nuts s another no procedural thing taking place by the Republicans to help the responders of September 11th 2001. I mean its just unbelievable, but ok, I’m getting wound up early here.

I’m not giving up on this, and I think the best way for the 99’ers to get the attention of the Congress,  is to form an unemployed coalition and just flat out tell Democrats, ‘We’re no voting in the mid-terms.’ If they don’t realize the seriousness of this, then they don’t deserve to be in office. It’s that simple, because they are not serving the people, and they’re just taking the problem and passing it to the next generation. We have got unprecedented unemployment in this country and the people have to be heard. The people have to be heard. This isn’t about saving anyone’s Congressional a**. This is about saving lives at this point, and if Harry Reid doesn’t have the guts to keep the Senate in to move on this issue, in my opinion,  he should not be re-elected in Nevada. I don’t care who he’s going up against. We’ll just have to go through this generational fight and make it a lesson for the Democrats and make sure that they know that the grass rooters are serious—that we mean business, and you gotta do it for people. If you don’t, we’re not going to vote. 

And I’m announcing today, I’m not going to vote in the midterms. I’m not going to do it. You can say it’s un-American. No, it’s rather revolutionary is what it is. I’m at that point. I’m checking out. I’m checking out of the Democrats, because they are proving to me that they don’t know how to handle these big babies over on the right that say no. You know what you do? You get in the driver’s seat, you hit the throttle, and you run over them.

This is not the first time the MSNBC host has been critical of what he sees as lack of Democratic political efforts. Mr. Schultz previously went after the White House during his Net Roots Nation speech recently and wondered if the administration had a “sissy room” as opposed to a “war room.”