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Update: A Spanish news outlet is reporting “A PROSECUTOR has thrown out a complaint made by a Muslim family against a geography teacher who mentioned pork in their son’s class.” read more


The tolerance/anti-tolerance brigade is at it again and a teacher in a Spanish secondary school is finding himself the victim of it. The family of a Muslim pupil filed a complaint with the National Police against the teacher for mentioning the word “ham” around the student during class time.

Is this what the Spanish police are really putting their focus on now? Doesn’t the country’s police have more important things to focus on like preventing another terrorist attack from happening again on their soil?

Apparently, protecting the feelings of a child who finds the word “ham” offensive to his religion takes much more of a priority to Spanish law enforcement. 

According to the Spanish newspaper Diario de Cádiz (translation via Big Peace):

A teacher at the Institute Menéndez Tolosa in the city of La Línea de la Concepcion has been denounced by a Muslim family in the same city. The family believes that its son, a student in first year of secondary school, was offended during a geography class, it was reported to this newspaper.

The teacher was giving a normal lesson about the different climates on our planet, and he used the locality of Trevélez [Granada] as example of a cold and dry climate. For an anecdote, the teacher explained that precisely this climate was best for the curing of hams. Then the student demanded of the teacher, “Don’t speak about hams,” because this subject was offensive for him as he is a Muslim.

This paper’s sources at the center explained that the teacher answered him that it was “simply an example and that in his classes he doesn’t bear in mind the religion that his students practise.”‘

This might have remained simply an exchange of opinions, but the family of the minor, who never went to speak to the teacher, did not hesitate to file a complaint against the teacher with the National Police.

Though nobody contacted the teacher, apparently a relative of the minor went to the educational center to speak with the Director of Studies and to protest the example that the teacher had used in geography class.

The agents of the Court went yesterday to the secondary school and took an affidavit from the teacher with the facts about what happened during his class. In addition, the civil servants have requested the disciplinary and academic documentation of the minor in this educational center and in the previous one in which he was enrolled.

The teacher is accused of being an author of a supposed crime of mistreatment, and of having racist motivations and xenophobia.

According to the report, teachers and students are supportive of the twenty-year teaching veteran and are “infuriated” by the circumstances. The State Police have opened an investigation of the “ham” remark.