The Washington Times - December 7, 2010, 05:45PM

Senator Bernie Sanders, Vermont Democrat, and Senator Mary Landrieu, Louisiana Democrat, are crying foul over the tax compromise President Barack Obama made with Republicans.

“It’s what I’m calling the Obama-McConnell plan. We’re going to borrow $46 billion from the poor, from the middle class, from businesses of all sizes basically to give a tax cut to families in America today, that despite the recession, are making over a million dollars. I mean, this is unprecedented. Unprecedented. I want to repeat that,” said Senator Landrieu on Tuesady before a meeting with the Democratic caucus.


“Why the president didn’t think there were forty or fifty or sixty of us to defend him on this principle, I don’t know, but he basically didn’t think anybody of us cared much about it. Well, I want him to know I do care,” Ms. Landrieu added.

Senator Sanders told reporters on Tuesday night that the tax cut deal was a “moral outrage” and plans to block the tax plan in the Senate.  

“What I’m saying as a progressive should appeal to conservatives all over this country,” said Senator Sanders. “I think we have a winnable fight here. I think the American people are with us, and I intend to do everything that I can to defeat this proposal.”

Mr. Sanders believes he will find Republicans to bring over to his side on the issue:

“I’m not into naming names,” he said, “but let me tell you something: Obviously I come from a more progressive state than most. But I will be willing to bet dollars to donuts, that in R states all over this country there are people saying, ‘Wait a second, it is insane to give tax breaks to billionaires when the rich have done phenomenally well in recent years,’” he said.