The Washington Times - February 12, 2010, 05:29PM

Steve Ertelt at Life News is reporting that the successful MTV show “16 and Pregnant” is returning for a second season. The show follows 10 pregnant teens in different life circumstances. A pro-choice blogger is not pleased that the program does not depict a teenage girl who chooses abortion:

Blogger Jessica Valenti shows just how pro-abortion the pro-choice movement is because she’s upset the show isn’t promoting teen abortions and, instead, profiles girls who keep their baby.

“Where are the pregnant teens who choose not to stay pregnant? Where are the abortions?” she complains. “If MTV really wanted to prove themselves as responsible programmers, they would also feature pregnant teens who have abortions.

“I realize that it’s controversial to document a teenager who decides to end their pregnancy, but the fact is that nearly a third of all teen pregnancies end in abortion,” Valenti says. “But if you were to watch MTV, you’d never know that — you’d think all young women choose to go through with the pregnancy.”

Valenti complains that MTV has apparently decided that only teen pregnancies that end in birth are worth covering and that teen pregnancies that finish with the destruction of human life and injuring women aren’t worthy.

Wendy Wright at Concerned Women for America also points out that MTV likely does not want to show a teenager who chooses to have an abortion because the subject matter simply is not mainstream.

From a television content perspective, another reason could be that longer and interesting footage comes from watching a human being go through the stages of a pregnancy, whereas with an abortion, programming content is minimal, and there is not much if anything to look forward to for the audience. Whether or not the teen girls decide to raise the babies on their own or put the the newborns up for adoption, a TV audience, who feels like they are going through the turmoil in someway as well, is more likely to identify closure with something that is ultimately created after a number of months.