The Washington Times - February 5, 2010, 01:43AM

*Updated 2/5/10 12:45 PM

The Boston Herald is reporting that Rhode Island Democratic Congressman Patrick Kennedy could very well be in some 2010 trouble of his own:


The WPRI-12 poll showed the Rhode Island Democrat with a 56 percent unfavorability rating in his district - a negative that grows to 62 percent statewide.

Only 35 percent of voters in Kennedy’s district said they would vote to re-elect him. Another 31 percent said they’d consider a different candidate and 28 percent said they would vote to replace him, according to the poll.

Republican John J. Loughlin II, a veteran state lawmaker, formally announced his campaign yesterday against Kennedy… 
Mr. Kennedy just told The Hill recently that the election of Senator Scott Brown, a Massachusetts Republican, to the seat his father, Ted Kennedy, previously held was “way overblown” and that Brown’s “candidacy was a joke.” The Rhode Island Democrat went as far as going after Martha Coakley, Mr. Brown’s Democratic opponent:
“It was only four points, and frankly, given the campaign that was run up there, he should have won by a lot more. It was a testament to where people were politically that she got the votes she did. She was not a good candidate, as almost everyone knows.”
 With numbers that Mr. Kennedy has in Rhode Island, he better start looking in his own back yard before he begins pontificating about lost Democratic races.